November 2014 Petit Vour Box Review

Petit Vour Time!

November wasn’t exactly in November for a few reasons:

1) The snow storm around Thanksgiving delayed shipment

2) Because of above, I didn’t receive my box until December 4

3) I like to try things before I post!

4) It’s the most wonderful/busiest time of the year for retail, and honestly, blogging was the last thing I wanted to do the past few weeks.

BUT! Here it is!!!

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Petit Vour- September Beauty Box Review

I had serious subscription box fever.
I was no longer receiving Ipsy (if you didn’t notice by the lack of monthly posts) due to a few reasons. Mainly being that I was done with my assistantship and no longer had a paycheck coming in.
And I was ok, really…for two months.

Then I started to really miss what I call ‘the sub box effect’.
It goes as follows:
1. A sneak peak or post about the boxes being put together is posted
2. You get excited about the sneak peak
3. Your shipping email arrives in your inbox
4. You check the shipping tracker multiple times a day
5. The day it is supposed to arrive finally comes and you either look out the window every five minutes or you rush home as fast as you can.

It’s fine. I don’t have a problem. It’s normal, right? heh…

Seriously though, monthly subscription boxes are fantastic! You get to try multiple products for a great prices that you may not have ever picked up!

After realizing I missed getting Ipsy, I started to look around for another box to try. This one though, had to be cruelty free.
Ipsy did a pretty good job based off my profile and reviews giving me CF products, however, not all of them were, and I was not guaranteed CF products.

I stumbled on Petit Vour and after looking at it, reading some reviews (surprisingly very little out there) and searching Instagram, I decided I wanted it over others.

With Petit Vour you get luxury cruelty free beauty products for only $15 a month. Luxury products meaning higher up in the quality and price range. Why not? I can always go to Ulta or a drugstore and get lower end goodies, but I personally am less likely to buy higher end products, even if they are travel sized or on sale. I wanted to try more luxury goodies, so I thought Petit Vour was perfect.

I mentioned to my husband that after my new job started I wanted to subscribe to it for a few months to try it. Well, our anniversary came around and I guess he really paid attention (or I mentioned it more than I thought) and my ‘paper’ gift was a subscription to Petit Vour! (Thanks babe!!)

Perfect timing too! This month’s box was co- curated by one of my favorite bloggers, Tashina from Logical Harmony!

It finally arrived at the end of the month! I have tried the products and want to share what I think with you!

ELLOVI Tinted Lip Butter: This lip product came at a great time! I needed a new ‘chapstick’. This product only has 6 ingredients, six! Super moisturizing and slightly tinted by a red root, it gives a reddish pinkish color to your lips that is very natural looking! Perfect for protecting your lips and for when you don’t want ‘naked’ lips. $5.00, full sized.

NCLA 5 Free Luxury Nail Lacquer:¬†Woo hoo! I have been wanting to try this nail polish brand for some time now, but as they are not sold anywhere around me, I would have to buy online and we all know you can’t just buy one thing online… My color is called Santa Monica Shore Thing. It is a beautiful minty teal! Deep enough that it is perfect for fall without being too springy! I was so impressed by the polish- it has a thicker consistency, which I like, and is very opaque! Plus, the color is true to how it looks in the bottle! I am loving my teal toes! $16.00, full sized

ROOT SCIENCE Facial Scrub: Everyone got a product from Root Science, a natural skincare line. I had seen a few pictures on Instagram before my box arrived and saw that there was a serum, mask and this scrub being given out. While I would have been happy to try anything from them, I was hoping for the scrub or the mask, and I got what I wanted!! This scrub is so unique! It is a powder form that you add a few drops of water to make a paste and rub it all over your face. It looks like herbs, straight from McCormick. It smells amazing and the mint in it isn’t too strong like mint can often be. Only twelve amazing organic and/or naturally sourced ingredients in this baby! I felt clean and exfoliated without feeling tight, dry and like I had a chemical peel done. I love the brightness and overall look my skin has afterward. I have used it twice so far and will let you all know how it continues to work for me! Full size is 3.8 oz for $40.00, so the value of sample, 1.5 oz is $16.00!

YAROK Leave In Conditioner:Last but certainly NOT least! This is a fantastic product, and again, came at the perfect time! (Petit Vour, are you able to read minds or something?) At first I thought, leave in conditioner? Meh. But then I read the label and realized it’s a heat protectant/detangler/conditioning spray. So maybe they need to change the name of the product. I have been looking for a new heat protectant and was pumped to try this out! First off, it smells sooo good. Orangey and delicious! It is light and does not gunk up my hair! I can spray this on my hair and not be worried that the top of my hair will get greasy! I wouldn’t necessarily spray this up to the root, but I can spray the majority of the strand! And this is the third company I have not heard of! Awesome! “Travel size” 2 oz. bottle, $13.20.

Overall review: For my first box, I was very happy with it! I love that Petit Vour ships the actual box and does not waste materials by putting it in another box or bag like some other subs do. The box is bright pink which makes it fun too! ALL the products are cruelty free and usually natural! I appreciate that there is a variety of the products, even though there is not a style profile to personalize it. Not every box is the same and you might get, as in my case, a nail polish instead of an eyeshadow you didn’t really need.
Total Value: $50.20!!!!! Size breakdown: 3 full/travel size, 1 sample!!

As Petit Vour says, Be Bold, Be Kind.

If you are interested in subscribing to this box, check out Petit Vour! If you want, enter my name in the where did you hear about us section. (susannah hilliard)

All the products in my box are available through Petit Vour’s online shop!

Let me know your favorite subscription box and why you love it!