The Great Floor-scapade! Pt. 2: Shopping Time!

After deciding what we wanted to do for our first major update to our home, we had to do some shopping! And who doesn’t love shopping! Even my husband James likes shopping at Lowe’s!!!

Our first step was to find out what we would be shopping for.

Maybe we had hardwood floors under our carpet and we would have to get materials to restore them…

Maybe we just had sub flooring and would have to shop for new floors and all that entailed…

We pulled up some carpet from a corner vent space and found that it was sub flooring.

James was a tad disappointed, thinking that restoring would be easier and cheaper than putting in all new.

I was pleased. I had a feeling it was sub floor under the dingy carpet and this way we could pick whatever we wanted and not deal with whatever color or width of board was underneath.

What we (or maybe it was just me, probably just me) thought would be an easy trip to Lowe’s and Home Depot turned out being a confusing and longer process than we expected…

I had seen grey floors on an episode of one of the HGTV and thought they looked fabulous. Unfortunately, having all grey floors would make our house more and more like a house of “fifty shades“. We already had two shades of grey on the walls, both with undertones of blue which made choosing a type of floor even harder.

The blue made the walls a cooler tone and I wanted to continue that theme with our floors. James liked a mid tone brown, but I finally convinced him something cooler toned would look better with the color of the walls.

We looked at the available flooring from Lowes, Home Depot and Lumber Liquidators.

Have you done this!? There are SO many types of flooring!

Hardwood, Laminate, Bamboo, TONS OF STAINS, varying widths and depths, with or without a pad, hand scraped, flat (EW…it feels weird to me) and the options go on and on and on.

I was a bit overwhelmed.

We finally found a look that we both agreed on! Driftwood oak! It has a touch of grey to it and goes perfectly with what we want the house to look like! After comparing driftwood looks available, we decided to go with the Allen + Roth style from Lowes.


Nice, huh??

Bonus! Even though it’s not pure hardwood, it’s actually really nice! Durable, nice width (I don’t like skinny boards), and had a pad attached to it!

We ordered it and the transition strips and stair noses we needed and bought flooring glue, those blocks that you hammer on instead of the floor itself, some random tools that I don’t remember what they were for, and a table saw thing so we could cut and install ourselves!

Lowe’s offers installation, but this was something we could do ourselves!

What really made the shopping difficult and result in multiple trips was the baseboards. OH THE FREAKING BASEBOARDS.

After looking at baseboards and the expense it might be, we decided to save some money and just repaint what was currently in our home. You can see the baseboards in the picture above! Skinny and nothing fancy, but painted white, they would look just fine and we could replace them later!

Or so we thought….

Check back in for Pt. 3: The Baseboard Debacle