I am a Makeup Addict

I have a problem.

There, I have admitted it. (That is the first step, right?)

I love makeup. I love buying new products and playing with them and trying new application techniques!

I don’t wear that much makeup on a daily basis, so people who see me often probably don’t think this is an issue for me. But it is. It’s a major part of my life. I browse Ulta and Sephora and makeup counters multiple times a month, week, even day if you count online! I love looking at new products, trying them out and don’t get me started on getting coupons or deals on makeup!  I have about 6 too many mascaras than I ‘need’, way too many lip glosses, lipsticks, eyeliners, etc. I really love eyeshadow and filling up my Z-palette gave me more joy than I thought it would.

But I don’t see an issue with this. I feel like alot of people judge us makeup addicts with judgements of  “Vain”, “Self-absorbed”, “Oh look, another picture of a ‘haul’ on instagram” and many, many more. And this frustrates me.

How is my addiction any different than yours? Your addiction to Netflix (which I may or may not have as well. A girl can have multiple, right?), your addiction to working out, your addiction to antique-hunting, your shopping problem, whatever it may be!

Makeup is a hobby for me just like your ‘addictions’ are hobbies for you. A way to de-stress and think (or NOT think) for a while about something that is just fun! Makeup is an art to me- and I’ve always had a creative side.There are guidelines, and suggested ways of doing things, but no rules! I don’t have to bounce a ball a certain amount or run to a designated spot and do a specific activity. I do not have to do anything! I can just do whatever comes to mind. I can experiment and if it fails, wash it off!

I am NOT defined by vain, self-absorbed, etc. Parts of what makes me as a whole person may be at times vain, or self-absorbed as many many people are, but I am not wholly that. But I am afraid that it will become that, that I will be swallowed up by materialistism and vanity. That I will start using makeup not as a hobby, but as a tool to make myself feel better than others.

So I give it meaning. I find a purpose in what I am interested in and try to make that for a greater good.

My greater good? Using makeup to make a more beautiful world.

I am completely against animal testing, and it saddens me that our cosmetics and beauty industry still adheres to policies and guidelines from decades ago!

It’s my addiction, makeup. But it is also my goal, a passion- to stop animal testing, to show makeup lovers and casual users that cruelty-free doesn’t mean bad quality or ‘bargain brands’.

Do you have an addiction? Do you do a lot of ‘feel good’ projects? Try to make them into a passion! Try using your hobbies and the talents and information you have cultivated from the hobby for a greater purpose! I’d love to hear your addictions and your plans to make them mean something in the comments!