December 2014 Petit Vour Review

Yeaaaah, it’s time for my monthly Petit Vour review!!!

I’m sure that some readers are wondering why the heck I am posting a review for a December box in January…well….

I like to take my time to test out and actually use each product in the box before I post a review. Not only do I like to use the products at least once to get a feel for the quality of it, but Petit Vour boxes are delivered usually after the 23rd of each month and that means reviews come in the next month.

December’s box was co-curated with Sunny at Vegan Beauty Review! I really like her blog because she is still girlie, fun, drop dead gorgeous and still cruelty free and vegan! Sticking to your ethics and being able to have “mainstream” beauty quality is right up my alley!

The products were picked to celebrate the season and for the snow days and soirées in the winter!

Ok with that being said, here is a run down of the luxury, cruelty free and vegan products featured in December’s box:

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2014 Beauty Favorites

Second day of the year, second post (in a row) of the year…looks like 2015 is off to a good start here on susienotsohomemaker!

Today’s favorites feature some ‘beauty’ products that I reached for over and over throughout the course of the year.

They are all products that I used for the first time in 2014; some from brands I have loved for awhile, some were new companies and new products!

And drum roll please… 2014 beauty favorites are…..

2014 Beauty Favs


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Petit Vour- September Beauty Box Review

I had serious subscription box fever.
I was no longer receiving Ipsy (if you didn’t notice by the lack of monthly posts) due to a few reasons. Mainly being that I was done with my assistantship and no longer had a paycheck coming in.
And I was ok, really…for two months.

Then I started to really miss what I call ‘the sub box effect’.
It goes as follows:
1. A sneak peak or post about the boxes being put together is posted
2. You get excited about the sneak peak
3. Your shipping email arrives in your inbox
4. You check the shipping tracker multiple times a day
5. The day it is supposed to arrive finally comes and you either look out the window every five minutes or you rush home as fast as you can.

It’s fine. I don’t have a problem. It’s normal, right? heh…

Seriously though, monthly subscription boxes are fantastic! You get to try multiple products for a great prices that you may not have ever picked up!

After realizing I missed getting Ipsy, I started to look around for another box to try. This one though, had to be cruelty free.
Ipsy did a pretty good job based off my profile and reviews giving me CF products, however, not all of them were, and I was not guaranteed CF products.

I stumbled on Petit Vour and after looking at it, reading some reviews (surprisingly very little out there) and searching Instagram, I decided I wanted it over others.

With Petit Vour you get luxury cruelty free beauty products for only $15 a month. Luxury products meaning higher up in the quality and price range. Why not? I can always go to Ulta or a drugstore and get lower end goodies, but I personally am less likely to buy higher end products, even if they are travel sized or on sale. I wanted to try more luxury goodies, so I thought Petit Vour was perfect.

I mentioned to my husband that after my new job started I wanted to subscribe to it for a few months to try it. Well, our anniversary came around and I guess he really paid attention (or I mentioned it more than I thought) and my ‘paper’ gift was a subscription to Petit Vour! (Thanks babe!!)

Perfect timing too! This month’s box was co- curated by one of my favorite bloggers, Tashina from Logical Harmony!

It finally arrived at the end of the month! I have tried the products and want to share what I think with you!

ELLOVI Tinted Lip Butter: This lip product came at a great time! I needed a new ‘chapstick’. This product only has 6 ingredients, six! Super moisturizing and slightly tinted by a red root, it gives a reddish pinkish color to your lips that is very natural looking! Perfect for protecting your lips and for when you don’t want ‘naked’ lips. $5.00, full sized.

NCLA 5 Free Luxury Nail Lacquer: Woo hoo! I have been wanting to try this nail polish brand for some time now, but as they are not sold anywhere around me, I would have to buy online and we all know you can’t just buy one thing online… My color is called Santa Monica Shore Thing. It is a beautiful minty teal! Deep enough that it is perfect for fall without being too springy! I was so impressed by the polish- it has a thicker consistency, which I like, and is very opaque! Plus, the color is true to how it looks in the bottle! I am loving my teal toes! $16.00, full sized

ROOT SCIENCE Facial Scrub: Everyone got a product from Root Science, a natural skincare line. I had seen a few pictures on Instagram before my box arrived and saw that there was a serum, mask and this scrub being given out. While I would have been happy to try anything from them, I was hoping for the scrub or the mask, and I got what I wanted!! This scrub is so unique! It is a powder form that you add a few drops of water to make a paste and rub it all over your face. It looks like herbs, straight from McCormick. It smells amazing and the mint in it isn’t too strong like mint can often be. Only twelve amazing organic and/or naturally sourced ingredients in this baby! I felt clean and exfoliated without feeling tight, dry and like I had a chemical peel done. I love the brightness and overall look my skin has afterward. I have used it twice so far and will let you all know how it continues to work for me! Full size is 3.8 oz for $40.00, so the value of sample, 1.5 oz is $16.00!

YAROK Leave In Conditioner:Last but certainly NOT least! This is a fantastic product, and again, came at the perfect time! (Petit Vour, are you able to read minds or something?) At first I thought, leave in conditioner? Meh. But then I read the label and realized it’s a heat protectant/detangler/conditioning spray. So maybe they need to change the name of the product. I have been looking for a new heat protectant and was pumped to try this out! First off, it smells sooo good. Orangey and delicious! It is light and does not gunk up my hair! I can spray this on my hair and not be worried that the top of my hair will get greasy! I wouldn’t necessarily spray this up to the root, but I can spray the majority of the strand! And this is the third company I have not heard of! Awesome! “Travel size” 2 oz. bottle, $13.20.

Overall review: For my first box, I was very happy with it! I love that Petit Vour ships the actual box and does not waste materials by putting it in another box or bag like some other subs do. The box is bright pink which makes it fun too! ALL the products are cruelty free and usually natural! I appreciate that there is a variety of the products, even though there is not a style profile to personalize it. Not every box is the same and you might get, as in my case, a nail polish instead of an eyeshadow you didn’t really need.
Total Value: $50.20!!!!! Size breakdown: 3 full/travel size, 1 sample!!

As Petit Vour says, Be Bold, Be Kind.

If you are interested in subscribing to this box, check out Petit Vour! If you want, enter my name in the where did you hear about us section. (susannah hilliard)

All the products in my box are available through Petit Vour’s online shop!

Let me know your favorite subscription box and why you love it!

May Favorites

May2014FavsThumbnail Corresponding video is on my youtube channel!

Hey all! It’s favorites time!

I have quite a few products, so I have broken them down into these categories:

Makeup, Body, and Hair. PLUS, as usual for my favorites, I do a Drink of the Month and a Candle of the Month!!



I am showing the three I use most frequently, but I have really been loving my RT brushes! They are quality brushes made out of synthetic hair (CF brownie points!) and are SUPER soft and SUPER affordable!

They are dense and have a great shape, wash really well with no hairs falling out or going all wonky on you! They have a super long ferrule which is really handy when washing and trying to avoid letting the water go above the ferrule. And they have a nifty flat base which comes in handy!

The brushes I featured are:

the Powder Brush (AH-MA-ZING) that I love to use for my powder foundation or pressed powder all over my face! It’s super big and fluffy and also comes in handy for sheering out an intense blush and is great for a light and diffused bronzer application!

the Buffing Brush which is fantastic for foundation or blending cream “HAC-ing”.  Sometimes I even use it for a really soft powder contour when I don’t want a carved out look or my other contour brush is dirty!

the “Miracle Complexion Sponge” which is a real threat to my beauty blender! The sponge has a great flat side which makes foundation application faster and easier, plus it has a great point to it that is really useful for the under eye area! Only con is that it is a little bit denser than the beauty blender and therefore holds more water/product in it.


If you haven’t heard of Makeup Geek (MUG) by now…well consider me honored to introduce you to this company.

Creator Marlena is a you tuber who started her own makeup line! She does not test on animals and is actually quite adamant about her CF status. Her products go through a lot of trial and error before they are released and she really cares about the quality and affordability of each and every item that is created.

Highly pigmented, amazing texture and SUPER AFFORDABLE!

Eyeshadows are available in pans for $5.99 (as I show them) to be put in an empty palette (like the Z-Palette that I have mine in) or in a compact type for $7.99. Get them at

I own 15 of these colors and I seriously want all of them!

Four specific MUG eyeshadows were used a lot during May. I tend to favor a more neutral look, especially come spring time.

Vanilla Bean:

Perfect all over the eye base shadow for someone fairer skinned like myself! Matte cream color and is great for blending out a harsh line in the crease! If I have a crease shadow that is creeping up towards my brow bone, I’ll just take this color and blend it out and bam! Beautiful!

Shimma Shimma:

My favorite ‘highlight’ color for my eye! It, like most of MUG’s shimmery eyeshadows, is not fully of chunky glitter, but has a gorgeous shimmer to it. As the product description on the site says, “Don’t sparkle like a disco ball”. HAHA. It’s perfect for the inner corner of the eye and on the brow bone!


The name alone is really why I bought it, not going to lie. It’s a beautiful light brown taupe! It looks more brown than taupe on my skintone, but the shimmer in it is just perfect! It looks great on top of another brown or taupe in the corner, especially to deepen up the ‘outer v’


This is the brown shade I have been using under Hipster lately! The perfect crease color for me! A nice medium brown that isn’t too deep and is a great neutral shade on me! It gives that ‘eye contour’ in the crease to mimic a natural shadow on me, making my eyes look deeper and a bit larger! It’s also a great transition shade for me!

ARDELL ‘Naturals’ 110

Finding these falsies have ended a long quest of mine so to speak. Finding a pair of falsies that look almost exactly like my natural lashes, just a bit fuller.

The 110’s are wispy and not too long! They are practically the same length, maybe a touch longer, as my natural lashes and give a touch more volume!
Again, perfect for the neutral/natural look I’ve been favoring


Foundation? BB Cream? WHAT IS THIS!?

Whatever it is, it’s been amazing!

I got it to replace my Tarte BB Cream which I loved, but I wanted to try something new and without the little shimmer that Tarte’s BB Cream has.

After hearing great things about this product, I got it!

I ended up with the color Fair Game which is pretty much the lightest one, per usual. There is another that is very light but has pinker tones in it and that’s a no no for me. I’d rather have more yellow than pink thank you very much.

It’s a fantastic foundation/BB cream. I know it’s not marketed as a BB cream and it probably doesn’t really fit the criteria for BB cream, but in my mind it’s a cross between the two.

It has SPF in it…which almost every BB cream I’ve seen has, and not all foundations do

The product description on Buxom’s website describes the product as: “increase hydration, brighten and smooth skin while softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles” Source:,en_US,pd.html

BB creams usually do those things…foundations, not always.

But no matter what is it, it performs fantastically! I love the texture of it, the way it dries and looks!


Basically brow perfection. I’ve even messed up majorly when filling in my brows with this and been able to wipe gently and remove it without taking off my foundation or eye makeup! Which is crazy!

It’s a twist up pencil and has the finest little point. It’s not a hard pencil like most are, so the strokes you draw look really natural!

I also have issues with brow pencils being a red head and all…

The last one I had was just way too red. I would have to use it and a brown shadow or brow product in combination to get something more toned down or I felt like I was on Ronald McDonald level.

On the spectrum of red hair I am not the most red you can be naturally, but I’m not quite yet a strawberry blonde. I’m a solid redhead with blonde highlights and it’s been a struggle getting my brows to look good.

Naturally my brows are blonde. As in not really existent blonde. But that just makes me look like I don’t have any and it’s kinda weird.

So thank you Anastasia Beverly Hills for making red toned products I can ACTUALLY USE! ❤


I really feel like I don’t need to talk about this one too much. It’s been talked about so much by the beauty blogging and youtube community and has rave reviews.

Basically: a thicker gloss that’s not sticky and not overloaded with glitter. It has a touch of a shimmer to it and is in the most beautiful light pink nude color ever. It looks amazing over your natural lips, over lip balm, over lipstick, and even layered on top of another gloss!

Its gives a great shine to your lips without looking like you either put Crisco on your lips or put a layer of shiny plastic on.

It also has a minty vanilla/candy smell to it and makes my lips tingle and plump a teeny bit. Nothing intense or painful, just a nice little tingle!


The name is basically what it is. A ‘quenching’ lip tint in a beery color.

It’s a tinted lip balm that gives a beautiful natural berry tint and provides fantastic moisture to your lips. The color of this is very close to my natural lip color so I just carry this every where.



Ipsy sswwaaaggg lol!

Ipsy gave this or another sunscreen in their May bag and I’m so happy they did!

I’ve been researching CF sunscreens to buy when my current stash either expires or runs out and was excited to try this one!

I tested it out over the Memorial Day weekend when I visited my best friend Kelly in Baltimore! (More about her later, she’s awesome)

I put it on when we walked around the Fell’s Point area and I wore a sundress. No burn.

I put it on when we went to Hershey Park the next day. It was 85 FREAKING DEGREES.

I even used it on my face. NO BURN and NO BREAKOUT.

Sure, it promises to be non-greasy, but don’t most sunscreens? And yet I almost always feel like a hot melting goopy sunscreen gross mess.

Not with this! The sunscreen absorbed right up, didn’t leave that weird white residue and doesn’t smell like gross sunscreen, but rather, a nice beachy smell! (I’m not saying it doesn’t smell like sunscreen…just that it smells less like that than others and less chemically and more beach like)

MAJOR CF BROWNIE POINTS go to Hang Ten as a company.

Not only are they CF and certified by Peta, but they have FANTASTIC customer service. Color me many shades of impressed.

I couldn’t tell from their website if they tested on animals or not, so I emailed them with my basic questions about animal testing. ( I emailed their parent company/maker of COOLA about their policies since the contact page on Hang Ten’s website had their information listed.

Not only did they answer ALL my questions (rare), but when I asked to share the correspondence, not only did they say yes, but they encouraged me to and gave me a fun fact to share:

“COOLA loves animals, so much, in fact, that we are a pet-friendly office! We have as many pets here in the office as we do employees.”

I think that’s so fun! I’d love to visit their offices and see their pets just lounging around while their humans are hard at work!


Some more sun-safe body products this month!

Instead of laying out in the sun or going to use ‘cancer coffins’ at the tanning salon, practice safe sun and self tan!

I found out about this English brand and emailed them about their animal testing policies. Happy to find out that they are CF, I found a supplier on amazon and ordered some! (LITERALLY, the SAME day I ordered from an English supplier online I found out ULTA carried it-which ended up being ok because my ULTA never seems to have it)

In my opinion, I think this is better than St. Tropez for three reasons:

CF product

Silky texture that doesn’t dry as fast as St.T. You have more wiggle room to blend the product on your body and around tough spots.

SO AFFORDABLE! I got mine online for $6.98! It sells at ULTA for $12.99! Compare that to the $42.00 for St.T….

I got a great natural tan (especially for a fair skin person) at a great price!



I was not a believer of this product until my friend Brittany made me get it!

The person who made this is a FREAKING GENIUS.

This brush is ergonomic, which is cool and all, it looks like a bean. Which isn’t why it’s amazing.

It’s the fact that I can use this on my tangled and knotted post shower hair (I swear I wash my hair in an orderly fashion, I just get knots really easily, especially on the right side) and my knots are de tangled in SECONDS with NO PAIN!

I use it on my dry hair too, and it’s a great brush, but the real magic is on wet hair.

I no longer have long hair that gets wind whipped into a hot mess in the car or on a roller coaster, but I’m sure it’s magical in those situations too


I got this ‘deluxe sample’ at Ulta a while back for purchasing so much stuff or something.

It’s 4 fl oz…and has LASTED FOREVER.

It’s a fantastic product! My hair is soft, shiny, less frizzy and feels stronger than before I used this.

Plus, it smells good.

I use it twice a week after my shower.

The 10 things it does:

1. Maintanence of Keratin strengthening treatments

2. Increases styling & manageability

3. Perfect for all hair types

4. Replaces lost protein

5. Protects the natural keratin in hair

6. Protects against heat

7. Restores hydration balance

8. Detangles, defrizzes & adds shine

9. Strengthens hair structure

10. Seals cuticle for extra silky hair

I mean, I have no idea if it’s replacing my hair protein and whatnot, but whatever it’s doing, I love.


Ahhh dry shampoo. Let me tell you a story about dry shampoo.

One day I was dry shampooing my hair while my straightener heated up. As I’m tousling my hair and getting ready to brush it, I just happen to turn over my bottle and look at the ingredients. The first two ingredients were BUTANE and PROPANE.


I’ve been spraying lighter fluid on my FREAKING HEAD for how long!?

I don’t know about you…but that bothers me. So I took to the internet to search for a non fire starting product.

I ended up finding a few out there, but they were either not CF, or had other bad ingredients. I found some DIY recipes that looked fun and all, but I have a lot of DIY things already queued up to do.

I ended up buying the LUSH product and I’m glad I did.

It smells amazing! Lime and grapefruit oils help to combat the not clean hair smell.

The product absorbs oil and fluffs up my hair so I look fresh! (Maybe the fluffing is because it’s a powder and you have to rub it into your hair at the roots)

It’s been a staple this past month, and will continue to be!


(Every favorites I award a Drink of the Month to my favorite beverage)
Nespresso Carmelito Pod!

I am lucky enough to own a Nespresso. Thanks to my inlaws who got it for us as a Christmas present, we are making our own lattes!

It’s basically a Keurig for espresso.

I’ve been lately loving the carmelito pod. Just enough caramel flavor, not too sweet! I was finishing up my Master’s degree and needed caffeine and tea was just not doing it for me.


(I also award a candle)

Yankee Candle’s Lake Sunset

Ahhh fresh, florally and relaxing. The perfect spring scent to get you excited about summer!

I hate cloying sweet smells and I also hate super clean smells (like fresh laundry, BLEH)

This is a happy medium between the two!

I also have to point out that it’s the BIG JAR. I actually first lit this candle the last week of February because the candle I had been burning finally burned out (RIP). I still have HALF of the candle left. It’s got something like 112-150 burning hours and holy crap that’s a lot!


I hope you enjoyed my favorites for May 2014! If you have any questions about the products or companies mentioned, please leave a comment or send me a message!

What were some of your most loved/used products from May??