Avocado Angst

Let me get start with saying I love Avocados.

Guacamole, slices of avocado on a salad, or sandwich…you name it.

Even though I have a latex sensitivity, (I didn’t test positive on that stupid allergen test so I can’t say ‘allergic’) and avocados create a cross-reaction because of their proteins of some  science-y stuff I can’t understand, I still eat them!

“It’s worth ittt” I often whisper as I itch my neck.

Don’t panic!

I have kind of trained myself to either not notice it or I have made my body less sensitive (hoping for the latter, positive thinking and the power of the mind and all that) so I don’t really get itchy anymore!!

Getting back to the point…I love avocados, but I have never tried making recipes featuring or preparing avocados before.

That’s mainly due to the fact that my lovely mother -whom I inherited the latex issue from- is SUPER allergic and I don’t believe we ever had avocados in our house.


Pretty sure…

So one day as I’m indulging in my Pinterest obsession, I come across an avocado chicken salad recipe!

Two of my more favorite lunch-y things!

I bought the ingredients, got a cool avocado 3-in-1 tool thingamabob, and was ready to get down to business!

As I put water on the stove to boil I realize:  I know nothing Jon Snow.

Seriously. How do I do this?

Are my avocados even ripe? I just kind of picked three that I thought looked wholesome or whatnot.

So I looked online, squeezed my avocados gently in my palm, and they gave a bit but not that much.

Not quite positive about the ripeness, I did the stem color test thing that the online wizards told me to do.

Took it off easily, must be ripe!

Looks green and not brown, must be ripe!!


I slice into the avocado, attempting to halve it…really I kind of mauled it and took a quarter off.

As I am prying the two sections apart and grunting, “Why. Won’t. It. Come. OFF!?” Doubt starts to sink in…

But I get the two sections loose and there is green avocado-ness being removed in the process, so I get confident again!

Then…the pit removal happened.

What the heck. Again, “Why. Won’t. It. Come. OFF!?”. Doubting again.

I tried the pit remover on my tool. Doubt becomes dread.

I tried a utility knife like the Food Network people do. “Am I stupid!?”

I tried cutting the pit off with the knife and almost sliced my thumb off.

Smooth, Susannah, Smooth.

Finally realizing I didn’t do this correctly…I turn on the light in my kitchen and realize that the avocado stem hole thing is yellow and not green.


So I take a spoon and get whatever is ripe off the hard chunk of the avocado I’m holding and give up.

Lesson learned. Turn the stupid light on.

We will meet again, avocado. We will meet again….

Here’s a picture of after the massacre so you can see the problems I have.


What ‘growing pains’ have you experienced lately?? I’d love to hear all about them!