Grocery Shopping Stress

It’s time for another “Growing Pains” Installment.

For new followers, it is a series on my blog where I talk about the pains of becoming an adult. Or, what I find to be insanely ridiculous, stressful or what seems to be a simple task that ends up making me use all kinds of colorful language (see last post about avocados)

Grocery Shopping.

Bane. Of. My. Existence.

I’m annoyed just thinking about it.

What made me decide to rant er, blog, about this?

My friend Brittany did.

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2014 Beauty Favorites

Second day of the year, second post (in a row) of the year…looks like 2015 is off to a good start here on susienotsohomemaker!

Today’s favorites feature some ‘beauty’ products that I reached for over and over throughout the course of the year.

They are all products that I used for the first time in 2014; some from brands I have loved for awhile, some were new companies and new products!

And drum roll please… 2014 beauty favorites are…..

2014 Beauty Favs


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2014 Favorites for the Home

Happy New Year!

I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that it is 2015 and that 2014 is done. Gone. O-v-e-r.

So much happens in 365 days, and while I could wax poetic all day about the ups and downs that came with 2014, I will limit myself here to the items that were reached for over and over.

2014’s favorites will also be split into two posts (the second will be posted on the 2nd) featuring ‘home’ and ‘beauty’ products respectively as to not have a ridiculously long post.

I hope you enjoy seeing some of the products/items that were well used in my home and that they may inspire you in 2015!

Without further ado…2014 Favorites for the Home

Home Favorites

Only a few things, to keep it simple.

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