A Cruelty Free Cut and Color

You ready for a long and picture heavy post? Buckle up and grab a snack!

One of the biggest things i have had to struggle with in the change to a cruelty free lifestyle has been a hair cut!

Who woulda thunk?

While I know you should be able to ask and request things of your stylist, such as to use only certain brands, that is something I’ve never really felt comfortable doing.

I’ve told myself that as long as the salon uses some CF brands (especially as the ‘default’ shampoo) that it was ok for my infrequent haircuts. That I can’t control the other products that a stylist decides she likes to use on clients, that the money that I am paying for is mainly for the ‘default’ shampoo and the service of the cut itself, but as I got rid of more and more non CF products in my house, the salon aspect of my life bothered me. I wanted a salon where I not only liked and trusted my stylist, but trusted the products as well.

Also until recently, I’d never really considered the impact of the color available at salons and if they’ve been tested on animals.

When I realized I wasn’t quite the ‘ginger’ I had been.

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December 2014 Petit Vour Review

Yeaaaah, it’s time for my monthly Petit Vour review!!!

I’m sure that some readers are wondering why the heck I am posting a review for a December box in January…well….

I like to take my time to test out and actually use each product in the box before I post a review. Not only do I like to use the products at least once to get a feel for the quality of it, but Petit Vour boxes are delivered usually after the 23rd of each month and that means reviews come in the next month.

December’s box was co-curated with Sunny at Vegan Beauty Review! I really like her blog because she is still girlie, fun, drop dead gorgeous and still cruelty free and vegan! Sticking to your ethics and being able to have “mainstream” beauty quality is right up my alley!

The products were picked to celebrate the season and for the snow days and soirées in the winter!

Ok with that being said, here is a run down of the luxury, cruelty free and vegan products featured in December’s box:

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2014 Beauty Favorites

Second day of the year, second post (in a row) of the year…looks like 2015 is off to a good start here on susienotsohomemaker!

Today’s favorites feature some ‘beauty’ products that I reached for over and over throughout the course of the year.

They are all products that I used for the first time in 2014; some from brands I have loved for awhile, some were new companies and new products!

And drum roll please…..my 2014 beauty favorites are…..

2014 Beauty Favs


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November 2014 Petit Vour Box Review

Petit Vour Time!

November wasn’t exactly in November for a few reasons:

1) The snow storm around Thanksgiving delayed shipment

2) Because of above, I didn’t receive my box until December 4

3) I like to try things before I post!

4) It’s the most wonderful/busiest time of the year for retail, and honestly, blogging was the last thing I wanted to do the past few weeks.

BUT! Here it is!!!

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This Not That- Cruelty Free Versions of every day products

I often get asked by friends and family, “what is a good CF version of ____?”.

I will often have an answer, and if not, the internet usually helps me find a suggestion for their question!

Recently, my husband and I have purchased quite a few ‘replacements’ ourselves.
Please keep in mind that after I decided to go completely CF, I wasn’t going to throw money down the drain and get rid of everything I had in my house, but decided to slowly replace things as they ran out.

Fortunately I kept a lot of the bottles or we have just a tiny bit left, so I decided to post and show you some Cruelty Free options for common, ‘every day’, products!

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