Welcome to my blog!

This is not a one topic blog, nor am I an expert at anything! This blog is just about me, my successes, my failures, my interests, and my life!

Who am I?

Just a few adjectives for you:
Ginger, makeup/beauty lover, Pinterest addict, pet mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend.

Quick facts:

  • My husband James and I were married on September 14, 2013 and are still trying to figure out how to really be grownups!
  • We have a cat Jasper and a dog Oliver and love them both very much!
  • (Even though Jasper is often called evil or Jasshole…he’s moody…)
  • I graduated with my Masters of Arts in May of 2014 and am currently working at the Frick Art and Historical Center.

You will find run-on sentances on this blog. You will also find fragmented sentances, odd grammer, word, and formatting choices. I write how I think, how I would talk to a friend about the topic at hand.  

So welcome to my imperfect corner of the interwebs, I hope you enjoy it here.


P.S: i love getting comments and interacting with my readers! Please feel free to leave love notes, questions, suggestions! 

P.P.S: you are awesome!


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