The Great Floorscapades: Fast Forward

Now that the weather is not frozen and it is possible to stand out in the garage without freezing our tushies off, it is project season at my house!!

In order for the next post on our home renovations to make sense, I need to do a little (or a lot) bit of a catch up with you.

Oh my how time flies. I left off a year ago finishing up with the shopping, and was heading into stories of installation…

We had originally thought we would just paint our existing baseboards white, and that after our flooring came in, and the accessories (glue, a hammer/installation tool kit) were purchased that we would be fine to start.

Unfortunately before we installed, we went to take off the existing baseboards which promptly snapped in two.

I guess old and cheap combine to fragile and not easily repurposed. sigh.

After wandering around Lowes and Home Depot wondering why in the heck baseboards were so expensive, we finally agreed on a style and material of baseboard.

Instead of getting ones that were already painted white, we decided to go with ones we had to paint ourselves for two reasons:

  1. so that the baseboards could be close to the outlet covers we replaced (white apparently doesn’t mean the same thing for different companies) and any future painted furnishings (read: air ducts vents)
  2. so that we could shave a bit of cost off the baseboards. It was cheaper to buy a small can of paint and do that than it was to buy already painted ones.

We also decided to buy a composite material instead of wood. Not exactly sure why, but I am 90% sure it was because they were cheaper.

Having our baseboards queued up, we went full steam ahead with the installation!

Our parents were a great help to us with the installation of our flooring. Both mine and James’ parents came over and spent (and continue to spend) time and energy to help us fix up our home, something we will always be grateful for…

Some pictures for your viewing pleasure:


James finishes up the prep work -ripping up the nails and staples from the carpeting


My dad assists James with installing the flooring


My cat wandered in and I had to take a picture of him in the dog crate!!


The new floor going over the laminate tile that was in the kitchen.


James and his dad trying to fix weird gaps in the door ways along our hallway.

During the installation of the floor a few “exciting” things happened:

  • We learned some ‘Italian’ due to difficult pieces of wood
  • Learned more ‘Italian’ because we discovered that the partition between the kitchen and the dining room was not completely straight…nor was the hallway.
  • Our dog decided to eat a bottle of floor glue and we spent some time at the animal hospital. (Scary experience, I was terrified)
  • Sawdust gets everywhere.

After a few days work and some having to redo areas (which is why you ALWAYS want to buy more than you need), we ended up with beautiful new floors.


Our dog Oliver gives approval of the new floor and carpet from Target!


The floor in the living room area with the other new carpet

I was worried that after the floors went in I would not like how they looked against the grey walls. That they were too warm, or that they would look too ‘unconventional’.  But I am glad I went with my gut feeling and we got this flooring.

It is a different type of look, not the traditional dark brown or oak look, but it fits perfectly for what we want our home to look like. Neutral but not too light, a bit unconventional, but not too modern, and in my opinion, classy without being stiff. I think that they will go with any furniture, in any design scheme! As you can see in the pictures above, the floor can look more grey and cool toned, or more brown and warm toned depending on the lighting.

The baseboards went in briefly after, and after I painted them a white that matched our white outlet covers, and only destroying a few, we learned that wood is always a better idea!!! The ones we got while they look great and solid without the weight or price of wood, don’t cut as well or precisely, and snap easily during installation.

We had to buy a few more baseboards to make up for some ‘oops’ moments, but you live and you learn! Plus we bought a brad nailer which made James excited (and I have to be honest- it’s fun to use).

I had to paint the ‘joints’ of the baseboards, so that any gaps that had to be filled in were the same colors, and I painted over the nails. In the past year we have definitely beat them up a bit, but I am surprised that none of them have a giant chunk missing out of them, and the corners are still in tact!


That’s where we ended last year’s floor projects, and while we had a few smaller projects (mainly spray paint and décor related), and we bought a beautiful buffet cabinet, our house stayed where it was after the baseboards went in.

New floor in the hallway, kitchen and dining room/living room, carpets in the bedrooms and downstairs and on the stairs. The upstairs felt like a totally new place after we removed the yucky old cream carpet and I could finally feel my vision for how I wanted our house to look like coming together!

Next: Sick of those Stairs


4 thoughts on “The Great Floorscapades: Fast Forward

    • Thanks! We love how the floors turned out! And we are becoming quite ‘bilingual’ here! The cat recovered with some treats! He hated the floor redo, kept trying to hide and we kept moving things! Thanks for reading!

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