December 2014 Petit Vour Review

Yeaaaah, it’s time for my monthly Petit Vour review!!!

I’m sure that some readers are wondering why the heck I am posting a review for a December box in January…well….

I like to take my time to test out and actually use each product in the box before I post a review. Not only do I like to use the products at least once to get a feel for the quality of it, but Petit Vour boxes are delivered usually after the 23rd of each month and that means reviews come in the next month.

December’s box was co-curated with Sunny at Vegan Beauty Review! I really like her blog because she is still girlie, fun, drop dead gorgeous and still cruelty free and vegan! Sticking to your ethics and being able to have “mainstream” beauty quality is right up my alley!

The products were picked to celebrate the season and for the snow days and soirées in the winter!

Ok with that being said, here is a run down of the luxury, cruelty free and vegan products featured in December’s box:

December PV Box

I decided to try to be artsy this month 😉

Blissoma Smooth Serum:

Petit Vour had three different Blissoma products they gave out. A serum, a cream for sensitive skin and a night cream. I don’t know how they really pick what to give each subscriber, but I got the serum!

When I read on the box that it is for acne, oily, rosacea and problem skin types, I kinda went “uhhhhh”….

I am combination and not really oily or really dry, don’t have true acne or tons of problems….my t-zone fluctuates between super oily and really dry, but in the past two years it has been more on the oily side of things.

So I figured I would give this a try in the t-zone.

Serums go on before other oils and moisturizers because they tend to absorb faster, and do ‘more’ for the skin than just moisturize.

This serum has over 13 herbs in it and a formula that tones and refines with a hydrating, super light texture. The box also says that it has ingredients in it can cleanse and calm pores, some that have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and ones that can reduce hyperpigmentation on blemishes, damaged, or irritated skin.


If that wasn’t enough, it also notes that a few ingredients like organic juiced carrot in it maintain ceramide levels for ongoing hydration, synthesizes collagen, and evens coloration of the skin.

I was kinda overwhelmed and skeptical of about all the promises it offers when I first used it.

I did notice a strong smell when I used it, but not an unpleasant or nauseating smell. I actually really like the smell, its very herbal and calming!

Also I noticed that the texture of the serum isn’t really compatible with the dropper bottle it was packaged in. The serum didn’t want to be sucked up and I ended up just scraping it off the glass pipe part of the dropper.

While I can’t claim to know or even be able to see if this is helping things like my creamed levels, I can tell you that I like how it feels on my skin. It absorbs fast, leaves my skin soft and I noticed that my t-zone is less crazy in the fluctuation of oil production!

I’m a fan and have started using it every day as a part of my night skincare routine!

We were given a sample size of .5 oz. The full size of 1 oz is $26, so the sample is worth $13!

Everyday Minerals Matte Blush in All Smiles:

Well…this product is a conundrum.

I like it…but…it’s discontinued.

I am choosing to believe that Sunny just really likes this shade and wanted us to have it before it ran out instead of thinking that Everyday Minerals purposely gave PV a blush they knew we wouldn’t be able to buy…

I was excited about this product because it is a natural makeup ‘type’ I hadn’t yet received in a PV box!

It’s a loose powder and that was a bit weird. Trying to tap out into and apply from such a tiny lid! I’m sure it’s easier on the regular size jar.

The blush we got is a nice peachy coral and is finely milled to avoid that chalky look and doesn’t have a lot of fall out!

While this color is discontinued, Everyday Minerals has a lot of other blushes and products that look gorgeous too and are sorely tempting!

The sample size we got is about a third the size of the regular product and is about a $4 value!

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream in Lavender:

I swear. There is someone at Petit Vour who is a psychic or mind reader and KNOWS I want to try things and puts them in the boxes.

I had been wanting a new deodorant for while and was searching for the right CF and natural one!

I had switched to aluminium free deodorant instead of an anti-perspirant this past summer, and while the one I was using smelled good, and felt like a “normal” deodorant stick, it just wasn’t working for me.

I felt like I had to reapply even though it claimed to be long lasting, and I had a lot of irritation and noticed that I had increasing darkness in those armpit creases. TMI…but you know what I’m talking about!!!

When I saw that Meow Meow Tweet’s deo cream was in this month’s box I got SUPER EXCITED!

I had read a lot of reviews that loved the product and even claimed it was like cake batter! I was a bit skeptical, but wanted to try it!

Instead of telling will just be easier to show you my jar after about 3 weeks of use.


Meow Meow Tweet Deo

Think I liked it? NO! I LOVED IT!


The reviews I had read were NOT lying. Cake batter for your armpits is what the product should be called!

It is smooth and creamy, not chunky or dry even though it has baking soda in it!

I was a bit worried that the baking soda would be irritating because I had read that it can do that to sensitive skin, and the MMT website even has a baking soda disclaimer on it!

But this product WORKS. I felt less sweaty with this cream and was for sure less stinky in my opinion! Also, my irritation and redness went down and after a week I noticed the discoloration going away!

PV gave everyone the lavender smell, and wow does it smell great!

At first, I’ll admit…the cream formulation was weird. Really weird….

I didn’t like that I had to scoop it with my fingers and rub it in my pits. But after a while, I realized that while a spatula or baby scoop would be nice, warm water and soap gets it right off and I actually was enjoying the lymphatic massage every morning!

I also learned that simultaneously I needed less product than I originally was using and that armpits take up a lot of space!

I wasn’t spreading the product around vertically enough and at first wasn’t sure it was working. But after massaging that area, you realize where you pit ends and the arm/side begin. The skin has more ‘give’ to it in the ‘pit and is a bit more delicate feeling!

We were given a trial size that you can actually buy (love that) before you get the big guy! The trial is $8!

**While I love this product, I had to buy a backup deo from another company because this is not available in stores near me. (WHOLE FOODS CARRY THIS PLEASSSSEEEEEE). I also wanted to try another company so I can do a natural deodorant review! But I will be buying this product soon because I love it so much!**

Trust Fund Beauty 5-Free Nail Lacquer:

Nail polish! Who doesn’t like getting nail polish in beauty boxes!? I haven’t had to buy polish in about six months…I do need a new base and top coat though…tangent. Sorry!

This brand is one that I had never heard of before, and on the Petit Vour site it is described as “We are an “indie” brand with an edge and a purpose… to bring out the inner rich b***** in everyone no matter what your financial situation is” Oh yeah!

The names of the polishes are all funny and edgy, the one I got was a red bottle named “Just talk to my lawyer”!

At first I was a bit bummed I didn’t get another color, but then I saw a picture of it on Insta and changed my mind! It looked a lot less red on this girl’s nails and I decided I would try it!

I normally don’t go for reds or oranges because of my hair color, but this ended up looking like a deep brown purple marooon!

I slapped it on my nails…and by slapped it on I mean took a half hour to do two coats and it still ended up looking like a preschooler did it…I still have to learn how to paint my nails apparently.

I paired it with a fun gold glitter from Orly on my ring fingers and it the deep red really went well and looks fantastic in the winter!

I also love that this brand is, in addition to being vegan and CF, is 5-free from Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor. Yeah, me either..I have no idea what the first two are, but if they are anything like formaldehyde…I don’t want it on my nails!

You may be wondering why/how a polish can be vegan or CF versus others. Well, a lot of polishes actually use crushed beetle shells and other animal by-products for colors and texture. And while that may not bother you, it’s great to have vegan options for those living that lifestyle!

As for CF: a lot of polishes are now carried in china, and let’s be honest: If you’re crushing blue beetles to put in your polish, can you really be cruelty free??

This polish is a full size, baby!!! It’s retailed at $16!

Overall I love this box! I think it’s my favorite one so far!

I have used everything in this box and not only liked it, but ended up wanting the full size of everything! These are mostly products I can use everyday and will get a good use out of, unlike some things you end up getting in beauty boxes. While that has been rare with PV, there have been a few items that weren’t exactly right for me. But that’s ok!

Overall value of this box is a ridiculous $41.00!

That is why I love Petit Vour! I would never spend $41.00 on 3 trial sizes and one full size product just to see if I liked it! But $15!? Sure!!!

If you’re interested in luxury products arriving every month (or even for one month if you want!) go to Petit Vour and sign up!

(Don’t forget to put my name as the reference!!)

What product caught your eye? Tell me in the comments!!!

*As always, this post is not sponsored! The subscription to Petit Vour is purchased by my husband every month!*


4 thoughts on “December 2014 Petit Vour Review

  1. I laugh at some parts of this because I imagine you talking to me about it with me in person….you’d be bouncing off the walls with excitement I’m sure. I think I might try a “cake-batter” deo…especially if you said you weren’t irritated (darn that sensitive skin!).

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