Grocery Shopping Stress

It’s time for another “Growing Pains” Installment.

For new followers, it is a series on my blog where I talk about the pains of becoming an adult. Or, what I find to be insanely ridiculous, stressful or what seems to be a simple task that ends up making me use all kinds of colorful language (see last post about avocados)

Grocery Shopping.

Bane. Of. My. Existence.

I’m annoyed just thinking about it.

What made me decide to rant er, blog, about this?

My friend Brittany did.

Brittany, over in her corner of the inter webs called A Smidge More (btw if you like food…go visit her blog!!) describes grocery shopping as a spiritual process, one she highly enjoys. One that de-stresses rather than inducing cold sweats and anxiety.

I couldn’t help but note the complete 180 between her opinions on grocery shopping and mine. For me, grocery shopping is a pain in the you-know-what and I avoid it for as long as possible.

I realized that I hate grocery shopping about three weeks ago. I also realized that grocery shopping for me, is like the Men In Black mind eraser red blinky thing.

I walk through the doors of a place that has food and BAM. I can’t remember anything I’ve ever learned about food.

I can’t even remember where I put my grocery list.

I fumble around inside the doors, looking for my list. “Where is that freaking paper!?” “Maybe it’s in my sweatshirt pocket” I take off the fourteen layers necessary in the frigid Southwestern PA winter….nope.

So I decide to go rouge. I can do this. I need food, how hard can that be?

Then I see the twenty varieties of each type of food and I quickly panic.

“Wait, what ingredients are bad again?” “How do I say this? Is this a normal food or a chemical?” “What is that stupid dirty dozen list again…”

No problem in this day and age of technology, right? Should be easy to just pull up the recipe I had in mind, the list of bad ingredients, etc…NOPE.

Never fails – either my phone has no service in the store or my phone has decided to delete screenshot pictures I swear I took of lists I want to consult during my shopping.

So I push through the store, picking up basics, things I know I’ve bought before, and if I see something new, I guess or attempt to pull up the internet and end up spending ten minutes standing there.

I get the weirdest looks from people when I grocery shop.

Maybe because I am muttering profanities at my phone…..

I sometimes think I am doing a great job, then I look at the time – and how the heck did an hour and a half go by!?

When I finally get to my car with my groceries I look down through the window…

…there’s that stupid piece of paper.


I obviously need some hints and tips for grocery shopping and how to plan meals ahead. Which is why my friend Brittany at A Smidge More is amazing. She’s already helped me think more about meals and what I need. Food isn’t an instant thing, and while the process of shopping and cooking isn’t quite yet a fun thing for me, I have hope it will be some day! Check out her blog and let her know I sent ya!

What hints and tips for grocery shopping do you have? Am I the only who hates it? Comment below!


3 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping Stress

  1. Susannah, don’t worry. I will take you to Trader Joe’s next week, and I will rid you of your grocery store anxiety. It’s my new goal in life. 🙂
    On another note, I think that an app would help you with the losing pieces of paper thing (used to happen to me all the time). There are tons of apps for this (I’m currently experimenting with many for the best), but so far, ShopListFree is a great one to start out with. Easy to understand and really helpful when you’re at the store.

  2. I LOVE going grocery shopping! Brian and I just started doing weekly meal plans, and it has greatly reduced food going to waste in our house. I also use the Any List app. It will synch with other things, like you can import ingredients from a recipe. I’ve never done that because I often don’t need everything the recipe calls for. I use the app for tons of other lists, too (like makeup I want).

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