November 2014 Petit Vour Box Review

Petit Vour Time!

November wasn’t exactly in November for a few reasons:

1) The snow storm around Thanksgiving delayed shipment

2) Because of above, I didn’t receive my box until December 4

3) I like to try things before I post!

4) It’s the most wonderful/busiest time of the year for retail, and honestly, blogging was the last thing I wanted to do the past few weeks.

BUT! Here it is!!!

For those who don’t know my love for Petit Vour and what exactly I am talking about, here is a quick informational segment. (PV Lovers, scroll past if you want!)

Petit Vour (PV) is a luxury beauty subscription box that is affordable-and cherry on top- CRUELTY FREE and vegan!

Petit Vour goes the extra step to verify that their products are not only amazing in quality and performance, but CF, vegan and natural!

So, if you want to try out an amazing beauty box that you don’t have to examine every product wondering, will this slowly add to the poison I put in my body on a daily basis and feel good about the companies behind the products, check out Petit Vour and sign up for only $15 a month!

Now on to the good stuff, the BOX!



This month was co-curated with Ashlee Piper from The Little Foxes blog- check her out!

It’s theme was “Natural Givers”, assuming-in honor of Thanksgiving.

These products “give and give. They offer a host of benefits, so that wile you pamper and prep, your body is getting the treatment of a lifetime”

SO, good for you and great beauty products.


First in our box was the gorgeous duo from Au Naturale.

A concealer and a cream eye shadow!!! I have been wanting to try some more natural makeup products and these two are products I will actually use!


I got the concealer in Beige and the eye shadow in Palma

The concealer at first looked too yellow for me. But when I put it on it actually looks natural and doesn’t look cakey.

It’s a good concealer for covering up blemishes or uneven tone in skin, but it is not a highlighting or color correcting concealer. So it’s a great under the foundation one! It smells slightly of oatmeal, but I am totally ok with that.

The eye shadow in Palma is supposed to be a beige with shimmer. It looks gold to me. So either mine has the wrong sticker on the bottom, or it’s really gold. It’s super pretty and perfect for the perfect holiday look! It’s a cream shadow but it’s not overly goopy or streaky. I have to put on a primer underneath to prevent creasing, but I have that issue with almost every creamy shadow.

Overall I am quite happy with my first foray into natural makeup!

The full sizes are $24 for the concealer and $20 for the eye shadow, so I would guess together the samples are worth around $10

Next was two makeup wipes from La Fresh


Yeah, awesome! Who doesn’t like getting these in boxes? Even if you have wipes that work for you, chances are these individual ones are easier to throw into your travel bag than that big pack from Target/Whole Foods/Ulta, wherever.

I am always having issues with makeup wipes burning my eye area and making my face feel tight. Even the ones that are for sensitive skin, tone, moisturize, etc. I hate it.

So I ripped open a package with some doubt. Slapped it on my face, pressed lightly on my eyes for a few seconds and gently wiped off my face.

Waited a few seconds…..NO BURNING! WHAT!?

Not only did these wipes take off every bit of makeup I had on, but they  didn’t hurt my face.

A++++++ for me. And I am SO buying these.

These wipes come in a few different scents but I really liked the lavender ones!

The wipes are for sale on the La Fresh site for packs of 8 individually wrapped ones for $5.99 which comes out to .74 a wipe.

(Better value is the pack of 24 for $10)

But since these are the individually wrapped ones, I am going with the value of $1.50!

The third product was a body oil from Earthbody

Earth Body

Neat! I have never used a body oil because they look messy and oily. Obviously….oily. Sheesh.

But what I mean is that unlike a lotion, oils leave residue often times and don’t absorb as fast. I don’t know about you but I do not like being sticky/oily as I go about my day.

The one I got is called Dream. It is packed full of ingredients for your mind and body.

Intrigued by the pump, I tried it on at night, thinking it was better suited for nighttime with the name Dream.

It came out less liquid like than I expected, and more a gel consistency. Which made applying easier!

I just put it on my arms and legs, areas where I usually end up dry in the morning.

Oh it smells heavenly! Lavender, chamomile, sandalwood and more!

I put it on, put on my sleeping T shirt, and then tested to see if I was a grease ball. Nope. A little residue left, but it actually was sinking into my skin!

I hopped into bed and cuddled with my dog Oliver.

Next thing I know, it’s the freakin’ morning.

I swear this stuff put me right to sleep. Which is amazing, because I normally have a hard time falling asleep and end up on Pinterest at 2 am.

This body oil has been put on my bedside table where it will remain!!!

The bottle we got is a sample of 1 fl oz and the full 4 fl oz bottle is $23, so this value is $5.75!

And the last product in my box was a lip tint by French Girl Organics

French Girl Lip Tint

(Anyone having flashbacks to the September box with the Ellovi lip butters? Same tube!!)

The lip tint is also a product I was happy to see! Another makeup product that is natural! YAY!

The tint I got is in the color Cerise, which is a cherry tint with a hint of coppery sheen and I was afraid it wouldn’t look good on me.

I popped it open, smeared it on and smacked my lips, and ew. Oh gosh the smell/taste of it just put me off immediately.

The ingredients list rosemary extract, rose otto and sea buckthorn organic oils, rose geranium and peppermint organic oils in the tint, and I think that the combo to me just is not appealing.

I think it’s the first three especially, as I have had other products with peppermint and geranium in it and not minded those.

I tried to get past the smell and look at the color on my lips, and it looked ok, a bit too red for my taste but I had to wipe it off. I really don’t like the way it smelled and tasted.

So I swatched it on my hand for you to see.

november swatches

The lip tint is on the Right. You can see it’s a very sheer tint, and a bit uneven in application. You have to be mindful of it when applying it, it doesn’t work to just rub it on willy-nilly style.

(The eye shadow is the gold swatch on the left-LOVE)

The lip tint is a full size product and work $11, so hate that I don’t love it. Maybe my mom or a friend will love it!!


This box was great. Even though it was late, it was worth waiting for!

This is my third box and I think it’s my favorite.

It was full of products I have been wanting to try, and I really like almost every product!!

The overall value of this box is $28.25!!

Nice! And if I had just went out and purchased all the full sizes, I would have spent $88!!!!

Petit Vour hits it out of the cruelty free park again! I can’t wait for the next box!

Let me know what you think of this month’s box and if you have any other subscription boxes you love in the comments!

*The subscription to Petit Vour is paid for monthly by my husband (thanks love!) and this post is not sponsored in any way shape or form!*


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