Influenster Vita Vox Box Reviews 1&2!

I have tried two of the products in my Vitality Vox Box! As promised, here’s what I think about them!

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster and have included my reviews on the Pure Leaf Tea and the Softlips Cube

**Please be aware, like any reviews I will do-ever-from anyone- that my opinions are 100% honest, my own and NOT what a company wants me to say. If I were even offered payment for a positive fake review, I would turn them down.**

Pure Leaf Iced Tea


Let me start with thanking Influenster for not sending me coffee or an energy powder or something ridiculous and just sending me tea!

I had to look at the ingredients because lately I’ve been aware of a lot of HORRIBLE things in my food and beverages!!!!    (Don’t get me started, just don’t)

I was so pleasantly surprised to find TWO ingredients, only two!

Brewed Tea and Citiric Acid.

No caramel coloring, no random preservatives I can’t pronounce! 

It tasted delicious too! Now, I have to admit- I do really enjoy sweeter teas. But this one wasn’t bitter or bland. The lemon flavor was enough to balance out just the tea flavor.

Now I have to admit: I prefer home brewed. Always will. I can control the amount of sugar and tea and put in what I want! 

I also don’t like that Lipton is owned by Unilever. (Large animal testing company)

So I most likely would not go out of my way to buy this tea. However if I was in a pinch and there was no other natural tea offered not owned by a giant animal testing company, I would probably buy this over other ones!

Softlips Cube in Vanilla Bean


I was SO happy when I first looked into Softlips and found that they do not test on animals and that I could actually try this product out!!

I have to say, the whole ball/round application feel is a bit weird. I never got into the EOS lip balms and find the sensation a bit odd. Totally random and weird, but full disclosure, right? I’m sure it’ll flatten out or something…or I’ll just become normal.

Also, after looking at the list of ingredients, I felt less positive about the product.

Not only can I not pronounce 3/4 of the products, the first two chemicals are petrochemicals and have potential health effects.

I am aware that the amount of these chemicals is usually quite high in order to have adverse effects, but I don’t like taking the chance.

I also checked out this product on the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database and couldn’t find it listed. So instead I looked at the first five ingredients.

Ozokerite-0 Petrolatum-4 Octyldodecyl Olivate- 0 Octyl Methoxycinnamate- 6 Octyldodecanol-0/1

The EWG lists ingredients and products based on scientific information available and gives them a number that reflects their general danger. The numbers are 0-2 for low hazard, 3-6 for medium hazard and 7-10 for high hazard

They list the overall hazard, cancer danger, developmental and reproductive danger, allergy danger and other restrictions. For more on their methods check out them out here.  

While the numbers of the ingredients aren’t horrifying, I prefer a more natural product. 

The Softlips cube does have shea butter and sunflower oil-but they are further down on the ingredients list. 

So this will go in my lip balm container. I won’t carry this around and smear it on every time I need to hydrate my lips or just want something sheer on. I will use it when in a pinch or don’t have anything else left! 

It smells fantastic and wasn’t heavy and greasy on my lips.

Overall, not a horrid product and whether or not you will want to go get one is totally up to you and your comfort level with the ingredients!!

I’d love to hear what you think about these products and if you haven’t used them, if you would use them and why!



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