The Great Floor-scapade! Pt. 1: Time for an Update

First home related post! Whoop whoop!

My husband and I bought a house last June, a cute split entry in a great location! Yeah it needed some updating; the appliances are cream colored…whyyy? But besides the flooding in the ground floor that was fixed before we bought it, the changes needed were cosmetic and personal style choices.

So we went to work! Painting was our first item on the list…and we went from yellowy cream walls and a brick orange-red accent:Image

To a calming blue tinted grey that would look fabulous with the eclectic style choice we get when we combine my husband’s preferences with mine. Here is a picture from early on in the process!


Seriously…SOOOO much better. The red literally made my head hurt.

So we painted, and added new white plug and light switch plates, worked on the faucet and shower handles in the bathroom, put in a new dining room light instead of that brassy chandelier, purchased and put together some new furniture, but we kind of just stopped there.

**Validation time! We got married in September, and had so many things going on. My last year of graduate school started in August, etc…but really, we got so far and then put it on the back burner.**

But then spring time came again and BAM! HGTV fueled home improvement energy came surging back! So what would we do? The bathroom? Updating that would be wonderful! Getting rid of the textured walls, the peeling paint from the moisture, putting in new and trendy shelves, vanity and mirror! It would be a lot of work, but I wanted to do that so badly!

But we also wanted new floors…Our carpet was a dingy cream with stains everywhere. Stains from the old owners, stains from spilling a bit of paint, stains from our two beloved pets who don’t understand the “THROW UP ON THE TILE” requests. New floors would look so good! Make cleaning pet oopsies even easier!

So after doing some number crunching and deciding what we would get the most use out of right now, we went with the floors!

So began the Great Floor-scapades as I am calling it!

Check back in for more updates on how our flooring process has gone!

I’d love to hear about your home improvement escapades! Let me know what DIY projects you’ve attempted to spruce up your living space! 


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